Double Your Impact: $1 Million Challenge Grant!

Help us reach our goal and transform the lives of 20,000 children. A generous donor has pledged $1 million matching challenge—by giving to the Angel Tree your contribution now goes twice as far.

Join our charitable program and make a meaningful impact on the lives of underprivileged children seeking a chance to dream. With refuge, education, and hope for a better future, your donation can break the cycle of poverty and violence.

The Sisters of Mary are dedicated to transforming the lives of over 20,000 children every day. Together, we can create pathways for education and a hopeful future.


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Who are the Sisters of Mary?

Since 1960, the Sisters of Mary have been aiding children in poverty through Catholic education and care. Founded in South Korea by Venerable Aloysius Schwartz, they’ve expanded globally, offering free residential schooling to over 20,000 children. They focus on holistic development – academic, spiritual, vocational – and produce skilled musicians, artists, and athletes. The Sisters also provide sacramental grace and Catholic teachings, fostering a strong religious foundation.

The Sisters serve as nurturing figures, helping children from challenging backgrounds. They offer vocational training aligned with local needs, ensuring successful job placements post-graduation. Their efforts extend to community care with free medical and dental services, childcare, and vocational centers.

Their work has a lasting impact, with over 170,000 graduates contributing to their communities and breaking poverty cycles. Graduates, often becoming professionals like teachers and doctors, remain connected to the Sisters, demonstrating the program’s enduring influence on individuals and communities.


Learn more about the children

The children at our schools come from the poorest of the poor. Each child has their own stories of what their life was before coming to our schools and how their lives are being transformed by the Sisters of Mary programs.  Read the moving stories of our children in their own words. 

Meet Our Graduates

There are 160,000+  graduates from the Sisters of Mary Schools. Many of our graduates went on to live prosperous lives, helping their families and local communities. Read the inspiring stories of our graduates in their own words. 

Life At Our Villages

Learn more about how we help children break free from a life of poverty.