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A pilgrimage is traditionally a journey to a holy place — a place where saints have walked, a place where God has met people and blessed them. We believe that through your visit to our villages you are on holy ground. Be blessed and remain open to all that God has prepared for you.

We invite you to come and see for yourself the life-changing work of helping children break free from a life of poverty!

Pilgrimage and retreat offerings

Jesus says to His disciples, “Come and see” (John 1:39) and we encourage the same sense of seeking…come and find rest, reflection, service, and inspiration.

Guests participate in the lives of the Sisters with ample time for private prayer and personal reflection.



  • Visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Round-trip airport transfers within Mexico
  • All meals
  • Celebration of the Mass and Holy Hours
  • Accommodations in Mexico
  • Medical Insurance
  • Our retreat facility the Villa Aloysius is a multi-purpose retreat center featuring the founder’s memorial hall, chapel, a replica Chapel of Banneux, guesthouse, café, restaurant, and conference rooms.
  • We offer pilgrimages for your groups needs; families, parishes, organizations, etc.

Lisa P, Maryland

“It changes you at your core. You learn how blessed we are to be born when and where we are born, minor irritations don’t matter, you know all is a gift. You want to never complain again, truly live gratitude and be Jesus to others. The bar is high but with God all is possible.”

Heather & Charles, Illinois

“Spending time with the girls at Villa de las Ninas was truly a special experience. Praying with them, playing with them and helping them in their everyday responsibilities was truly a gift of grace! The Sisters of Mary are truly molding hearts and minds for Christ.”

Fr. Richard, Diocese of Trenton NJ

“Our Lord and our Blessed Mother touched my heart in a profound way through the Sisters of Mary and the beautiful children. My visit to Chalco has forever changed me. I joyfully look forward to my MULTIPLE visits in the future.”

Frannie, Maryland

“The graces and blessings that I received from being on retreat are still flowing. It’s hard to articulate all that I encountered. The peace and safety that I felt while being in Chalco was comforting. The interaction with the girls, and the healing service profoundly affected my heart. Everyone that I met was hospitable, cordial, and willing to meet any need…The most impactful moments for me came in the Hacienda Chapel. Listening to Father Al’s talks.”

“Try to live a life of simplicity, a life of poverty as Jesus lived it but the object of course is love. The object is to serve.”

– Fr. Aloysius Schwartz, founder

Learn more about the children

The children at our schools come from the poorest of the poor. Each child has their own stories of what their life was before coming to our schools and how their lives are being transformed by the Sisters of Mary programs.  Read the moving stories of our children in their own words. 

Meet Our Graduates

There are 160,000+  graduates from the Sisters of Mary Schools. Many of our graduates went on to live prosperous lives, helping their families and local communities. Read the inspiring stories of our graduates in their own words. 

Life At Our Villages

Learn more about how we help children break free from a life of poverty.