Help Children Break Free From a Life of Poverty

You can make a direct impact on the lives of children in poverty. Donate $39 and provide everything a child needs for an entire month.

Pilgrimage to Mexico

A Weekend Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe Plus an Unforgettable visit to The Sisters of Mary Girlstown. Visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the most visited Marian shrine. Learn of the vision and legacy of Venerable Aloysius Schwartz, founder of the Sisters of Mary. Be immersed in the life-changing work of the Sisters!

World Villages for Children

World Villages for Children is a nonprofit providing financial support to the charitable programs of the Sisters of Mary. To date, World Villages for Children has helped more than 150,000 children and their families break free from a life of poverty.

Thanks to our supporters, we provide food, care and, education for more than 21,000 children in poverty every year. Our Villages also provide children with a fully accredited in-house education program and vocational training.

Watch to learn more the about the inspiring work of the Sisters of Mary.

About The Sisters of Mary

Our Purpose

To practice charity to the poor serving them in the name of Christ Jesus.

Our Plan

To help children break free from a life of poverty.  To learn more about how we help our children, visit the Life at Our Villages page.

Our Priorities

Sisters of Mary Children works through 18 different schools in 6 countries:  The Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, and Tanzania.

Our Values

Humble and joyful service to the Lord and our neighbor.
Solidarity with the poor.
Respect for human dignity.
Passion, perseverance, and adaptability.

Meet The Sisters

For over 60 years, The Sisters of Mary, founded by Venerable Aloysius Schwartz, have worked tirelessly, operating our charitable programs in the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras, and Tanzania. In each country, the Sisters work to not only give children a safe roof over their heads, food, and education, but also provide the spiritual and emotional guidance needed in order to overcome the tragedy of poverty and become successful adults. There are now more than 400 Sisters carrying on Father Al’s mission in Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, the Philippines, and Tanzania.

Venerable Father Al Schwartz

Our founder, Father Al, was a missionary priest who spent his life bringing hope to the world’s underprivileged, particularly children.

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Learn more about the children

The children at our schools come from the poorest of the poor. Each child has their own stories of what their life was before coming to our schools and how their lives are being transformed by the Sisters of Mary programs.  Read the moving stories of our children in their own words. 

Meet Our Graduates

There are 160,000+  graduates from the Sisters of Mary Schools. Many of our graduates went on to live prosperous lives, helping their families and local communities. Read the inspiring stories of our graduates in their own words. 

Life At Our Villages

Learn more about how we help children break free from a life of poverty.