Who we are and what we provide

The Sisters Of Mary

The Sisters of Mary are devoted to helping the poorest of the poor in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The religious order was founded by Aloysius Schwartz, the priest of the poor. The Sisters have been operating charitable programs for more than fifty years serving children with the greatest need who have the greatest potential. In 6 countries there are 400 Sisters of Mary caring for over 21,000 children with the mission of helping them break free from a life of poverty. This is one day in the life of a Sister.

Your Support Provides

  • Hope.
  • Clean water.
  • Medical care.
  • Dental care.
  • Three nutritious meals a day.
  • A safe place to live and study.
  • Clothing and school materials.
  • Help to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Spiritual, physical, and emotional care.
  • Vocational training tailored to local industries.
  • Protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • Opportunities to participate in sports, music, and art.
  • Spiritual, social, and academic formation and guidance.
  • Education for students that leads to careers or college.

Meet Johanne



I am Johanne called as Johanjubs, Jubs, Wane, Jahnie by my friends and Bebe by my family and relatives. I was given birth on the dawn of December 20, 2003. I am supposedly 5th among the 6 siblings. However, our eldest brother and youngest sister died in their little while encounter of life making me now the youngest among the 4 – Kuya Mario, Manoy Paul, Olga and Me. And I proud to say that I am the bi-product of the genuine love of Mama Perla and Papa Eugenio. 


I am born in a poor family. My father is just a farmer and my mother a housemaid, their money earned is just enough and sometimes not enough to provide for our basic needs creating debts, wrangles, hungriness and sometimes total nothingness. I tried to wake up and sleep without food to eat, because my parents were not in good terms (most of the nights they’re just quarreling). As a result, no ones thinking of the family. Of course, we don’t know where to turn to. The only thing we can do is to cry, besides were still very little in those times. Aside from that, I tried to wake up and sleep with frets and worries along my mind. There were days and nights that I and my Ate were the only ones were left in our house, since my brothers get separated from us as they’re working students, my mother was serving another house and my father was with his friends and then went home totally drunk. I cannot just keep myself of thinking maybe something will be happening those nights and we can’t just defend ourselves. I was so mean to doubt my father and his friends. Insofar, there were no day offs that my parents would not quarrel about finance. To be honest, I don’t and didn’t really feel the real essence of a home and house. I really envy those happy family around, hence, the idea of hard work is carved in my mind and my siblings’ that later on we can build a house worth living for and create a home noteworthy.  


Being part of a poor family, I cannot just stay in poverty. Thus, I indulge myself to the practicality of life- difficult yet vital in developing myself. At a young age, I cannot simply enjoy myself in playing as I need to work in the field in order to lessen the burden of my parents. I’ve got to sell in the market and along the streets to earn and save money for our food and education. Of course, I was once embarrassed in doing such works. However, I manage the shame within me everyday for survival. As for inside house, I acquired the characteristic of being a mother. I do all the chores, the cooking and washing on weekends. I tend to be superior in our house as I was once scolding my parents of their miscommunications and siblings of being irresponsible. In truth, I felt so bad of reprimanding and complaining to them. But with all those experiences, I grow more and become stronger. 


From grade 1-5, I’ve been Best in Religion in our class but no longer in grade 6 as they based the award not on the scores during Religion class. Their basis is Mass attendance, which I always failed to attend to. I didn’t really make known the value of Religion at home, since my parents were not good practicing Catholic. We attend mass seldom if and only if my mother would go. I cannot do it myself as our house is very far from the church. I can just attend mass also every Wednesday after class for we (our class) are choirs. That was not really enough for me to develop my faith- I was really innocent to that. Even if how much I want to attend church activities, I can’t as I was not supported to do such. By all means, my faith is not really nourished and strengthen. At present, my struggle is that my mother, cousins and relatives transferred Religion. 


It is writ large that I am from a public school. It doesn’t sound of best regards; I am still thankful that I was able to study and finish my elementary which was really of great struggle. Just to imagine, I walk so far from our house going to school, vice versa, everyday under the heat of the sun and along the mud and under the rain. Meanwhile, I still manage to finish my studies with flying colors. I do excel in academics as I’ve been presenting our school in academic competitions. Not just that, I was also good in doing sports and performing arts. I compete in badminton, table tennis, volleyball and softball. I also include myself in any presentations in our place when it comes to music and dance- Ukelele ensemble member and folk-dance competitor. Of course, I also compete in singing and a choir member. With all of these, I garnered many awards and recognition in academics and extra forte. 


Way back my 6th grade, my mother keeps on telling me to take the exam for the Sisters of Mary School as this school is really exquisite. I don’t really want to enter, but something is pushing me to do and that the idea of entering keeps on bothering me. I told myself that I will just try and if I won’t pass then it’s not for me and I pass. God has a great purpose for me which was very true when I school last April 6, 2016. I cannot definitely describe how I am grateful enough of being part of the SMS family. I cannot really describe as the school is beyond description. The school is indeed a great training ground for my well-being’s development. I am able to nourish my faith, develop my skills in technical expertise, receive a high-quality education and shift my perspective of life for a better tomorrow. Truly, Sisters of Mary School is a helping hand for it gives opportunity not just to me but to many. 


I am really loyal to my studies; thus, I am a consistent section A and an honor student. But I belonged to section C in my 12th grade in response to my trade area (not a big deal since first section still in my course). To be honest, I exert different faithfulness in my junior and senior years- more in junior because of less responsibilities and lesser in senior due to many responsibilities. Actually, its never been easy to excel in the school not because I’m far from my family, but because there are many intelligent in the batch and that I am really a busy person. I’ve got a lot of responsibilities in the dorm, classroom and in even to the lower years and in the community. After competitions, I have to copes up with many class activities. Meanwhile, I still manage to balance everything. In fact, I was once one of the excelling students in 10th grade- included in the top 10 and best in CSS. And I am looking forward to the result of my labor in senior high school. 


I’ve got a lot of extra-curriculars before having a permanent one. I became booklovers, badminton player and rondalla member. Nonetheless, I am caught up being a volleyball player (setter) and a journalist (editorial writer). Well then, I am happy in both fields as I take part to the school’s excellence. Last 2019, I’ve got many days of class excuses due to simultaneous competitions. I was really divided in those time during trainings, yet did able to manage. I was glad also that I am part of being a student teacher in English (not really held as permanent due to COVID). When it comes to my responsibilities, I’ve got a lot way back 2020 and at present. I’ve been active in batch representation as I am entrusted in organizing the events and in the community’s activities as I’m pulled out to be the lady of ceremony. At present, I am a coordinator in the dorm and mayor in 12C and then training lower years in volleyball. I am really very much glad as I fulfill my goals; partly sad, because of negative comments and satisfied for I am able others to be inspired in doing and having what I’ve got. 


Due to the emergence of COVID-19 Pandemic, there are many pending plans most especially in my extra-curricular. But sad to say, those are impossible so I’m looking forward to my studies at the moment, graduation and my life outside Sisters of Mary School. I know that our OJT is less possible, so I’m planning to become teacher aide and if not accepted would find job outside to save money in preparation for my college years. I’m also looking for scholarship as I will get a degree either in medicine, psychology, business or mass communication. Hopefully, I would be doing best in God’s grace.

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