Overview of the Philippines Program

“The Sisters of Mary is a place that gives hope to everyone. You are given opportunities, big and great opportunity in life, and that’s the gift of education. So the best hope we can give to poor people like our students now, like me, is hope that one day you can better your life.”


Please help the Sisters of Mary and the children in their care.

Learn more about the children

The children at our schools come from the poorest of the poor. Each child has their own stories of what their life was before coming to our schools and how their lives are being transformed by the Sisters of Mary programs.  Read the moving stories of our children in their own words. 

Meet Our Graduates

There are 160,000+  graduates from the Sisters of Mary Schools. Many of our graduates went on to live prosperous lives, helping their families and local communities. Read the inspiring stories of our graduates in their own words. 

Life At Our Villages

Learn more about how we help children break free from a life of poverty.