She started school with the Sisters of Mary at Girlstown in Chalco, Mexico in 2017.

At home, Andrea would perform housework before school and work in the cornfields with her father and brother after school. Because of their low income, her family eats primarily corn cakes. Andrea always thanked her mother for the food because she knew she preparaed it with love. She says “I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to be in this beautiful place, because after I finish my studies here I will have lots of possibilities to find good jobs and support my family”.

Low levels of education are highly correlated with poverty. Girls living in poverty suffer especially from a wide gender gap in education. The Sisters of Mary are giving 3,000 young women at our Girlstown in Chalco the chance to break free from a life of hardship.

A small gift of $20 will provide school supplies for a child for a month.

Sister with one of our student’s sisters.