AGE: 14​



“It is a quiet and humble village. Corn, beans and sugar cane are planted. I have two brothers and four sisters. My life was difficult because father was macho and had another woman. Only my mom worked, both in the fields in the morning and washing and ironing in the afternoon. My older brother went to work in the sugar cane to help my mother at 16 years old, but he crashed and died. My mom went into a depression, and it was very difficult. I was the one who fed my siblings and made tortillas for them. The most difficult year was 2015, when my dad died from his kidneys. My sister was very affected by my dad’s death and failed a lot after. ​

I want to be a doctor, because I have observed at the Maria Clinic that we can help others. That trade catches my attention. When I finish my study at the Villa I will work a little and then study at the University. I am going to help my mom to show her my appreciation.”