Back To School

As the new school year approaches we think about how your support helps the children

Aug 27, 2018

The Sisters of Mary programs around the world are getting ready to welcome new children to the Children’s Villages. These children have been given the chance to continue their education, thanks to the generosity of our donors. They arrive from situations of dreadful poverty and hardship, travel many miles for their first day of school, and often have few belongings and only the clothes they are wearing, but they are excited for their chance of a new life.

The Sisters spend many months planning for these new arrivals to ensure they have everything they need. Resources are limited to support these new children but the kindness of our donors ensures that every new child will have the books and supplies that will help them to study hard. The older students help the Sisters arrange uniforms, shoes, and beds for every incoming student.

New children starting school

Despite the modest resources, the beginning of the new school term is a happy time in our Boystowns and Girlstowns. Our new children realize the incredible opportunity that our donors are giving them by supporting their education and they have a lot to learn! Even before they start their studies many must learn basic skills like how to use the bathroom, operate the shower, make their beds, do household chores, and get along with their classmates!

Each child wants to study hard, just like little Joel who came from a life of abject poverty in Camerines Norte, the Philippines. He joins school in the Philippines this year. Like every child, Joel dreams of a better life for himself and his entire family and he plans to work hard to succeed.

Our children are truly grateful because they know that without our donors they would have no hope for the future.