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Boystown Silang, Class of 1992

I was accepted to the Sisters of Mary Boystown in 1988 and spent 4 years of high school there. Around three years was spent at the Manila campus until Boystown was moved to Silang, Cavite in 1990 or 1991. I belonged to the third batch of graduates, but our batch was the pioneer graduates of the Biga, Silang, Cavite campus in 1992.I would say that I, together with all the poor children there, was provided with a quality education that I would not have had if I did not take the chance to go to Boystown. More than the secondary education, I would also say with conviction that Boystown molded my spiritual and moral well-being. The time that I spent inside Boystown was crucial because those were my formative years, and that learning had a long-term effect on me as a person and as a professional. I can say that my spiritual foundation is as strong as Father Al would want to have from all his children.

I am never ashamed to say that I was once a poor child materially and spiritually. I have been blessed so much that I have a good life at present. I have my own family now and live in our house in Quezon City, Philippines. I married in 2006 and have two children, aged 9 and 13. I am presently a government official, serving as Assistant Secretary in the Department of Justice (DOJ). I have traveled around the world and met a lot of important people for my work. I have been with the DOJ for twenty years now. Free time is spent with family watching movies or shows, or singing, in the comfort of our home, especially at this time of the pandemic.



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