by | Apr 4, 2022


Boystown Minglanilla

“Our place is a mountainous area, and it’s hard to find work. The common occupation of the people there is farming. For us to go to the city, we need to walk around two kilometers. Houses are a little far from one to the other and drinking water is fetched from the well. My father worked as a construction worker in Pasay for five years and goes home once a year. Last year he stopped working and went home. This time, he is farming. My mother is a housekeeper but would sometimes sell corn and vegetables for us to have money. But this time, it is hard for her to do that since she is watching over our months old baby. I have four siblings. I have one elder sister, one younger sister and two younger brothers. Life in our place is very difficult since we are far from the city and it is difficult to find work. I also have difficulty going to school since I had to walk for almost two kilometers and then ride a motorcycle. My parents have to pay around one thousand per month for the motorcycle. In order for me not to be late in school, I had to wake up at 5 am and leave the house at 6 am. For us to be able to save, we just brought our lunch with us and ten pesos for viand but sometimes I don’t have viand at all. Since a motorcycle is our only way of transportation, there were really times when I went home wet because of the rain. Sometimes, I would pick banana leaves to shield me from the rain. Also, if the well becomes dry, we had to buy water from our neighbor and sometimes will still have to go to the city.

I am looking forward to at the Sisters of Mary School to help me be a better person, be knowledgeable enough in academics and skills for me to help my family, to have a better/regular job soon and to help me improve my life. The school now is nearer than before. I have a greater chance to succeed and the school teaches me more spiritual values, knowledge, and skills. I decided to come to school with the Sisters of Mary because I know that everything is free, safe and offers high-quality secondary education. I also know that I will have a secure job after. I was also told by my teacher that the Sisters of Mary are really nice and with great, clean and high-tech facilities. This motivated me to study here.

I want to become a chemical engineer, to fix our house and have a better life. I will seek a job or part-time job so that I can pursue a college degree and help my family financially at the same time. I can help by applying all that I have learned in this institution. I will also teach others about what I learned. I can help them as well by becoming a successful person someday where I can lift my family from poverty.”

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