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Girlstown Tanzania
“My name is Adventina. I am the second born of 4 children. My father is Gabriel and my mother is Debora, both of them are farmers. I come from very poor family and so we worked so hard in order to survive. For me, I grew up with my grandfather until Standard 7. I had to help fetch water from a far place so I had to get up at 2:00 in the morning so that I could fill up two big drums with water, before going to school. Oftentimes, I was late in school but my teacher understood so I was given consideration. We ate only twice a day, morning and evening. My mother is sick with high blood pressure. This started when she delivered our youngest brother. That is why my youngest brother is named Goodluck. Now he is in Standard 2. In our place, most people believe in witchcraft. And people when they get sick, they associate it with witchcraft and so they go to those quack doctors for healing. One day, my mother was walking and she saw that the road was white and she got blind. Nobody knows why. My father is also sick of diabetes so both of them could not work much. Thus, my other siblings have to work to have food to eat. Also In our culture, the girls are circumcised after they finish Standard 7.Majority of the parents believe in this and if a girl does not undergo on this female organ mutilation, something bad will happen to the girl or the family. As girls, we are always afraid when this time comes. So for me, I escaped from my family and hide in an institution called TFGM, which protects thosegirls like me who do not like to be circumcised. And good that my parents also do not force us but I had to escape since our relatives insist that we follow our tradition.When the Sisters of Mary came to our place, I took the exam and interview and with the grace of God, I passed. I did not go home anymore so that I will not be forced to be circumcised.My fear disappeared when I arrived at the Sisters of Mary School. I am so happy, not only because I can study and provided for with many things for free but above all, I will not be circumcised and I am safe here. I’m eating well, I’m sleeping in a good place, but then I think about my family. I do not know if they get food. But then I study very hard in order to remove all the problems and the challenges which are in my family. I am now learning many things not only in academics but also I learn how to sew, how to bake bread and cakes. I love singing and I have the opportunity to develop my talent since all of us are being taught how to sing well especially during the Mass. Someday, I could help my family. I continue to pray that this culture of ours be totally stopped because we, ladies, are victims. Someday, I will be defender of the rights of women. I thank God for having chosen me to be here.”

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