Serving the Lord with Joy!
The Sisters of Mary consist of more than 400 Sisters who operate our charitable programs in the Philippines, South Korea, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras, and Tanzania. In each country, the Sisters work to not only give children a safe roof over their heads, food, and education, but also prepare them in their culture and environment for a better future in their own country — at no charge to their families.

In addition to taking care of more than 20,000 poor children each year, the Sisters also maintain homes, hospitals, schools, and vocational training programs.

Monsignor Aloysius Schwartz, a missionary priest who dedicated his life to helping poor children, founded the Sisters of Mary on August 15, 1964 to serve the poorest of the poor. The Sisters of Mary owe their name to the Banneux pilgrimage site in Belgium, where the mother of God is honored as the benefactress of the poor. The motto of the Sisters is ‘Let us serve the Lord with joy!’

The Sisters of Mary are recognized as a congregation by decree of the Catholic Church, and have the consideration of the Church as well as the State. They are headquartered in Biga, near Manila in the Philippines.

Mother Superior, Sister Maria Cho, succeeds today the deceased priest of the poor, Aloysius Schwartz – after taking over from Sister Michaela in 2011. Sister Maria directs the congregation as well as all the institutions they run.

Under the care of the Sisters of Mary, the children enjoy a Christian education and see in them a convincing model of this education. The Sisters and their great dedication continue to inspire the children they care for to lead virtuous lives in service to others.

The Sisters of Mary are an official religious order of more than 370 Sisters, who have dedicated their lives to helping poor children, by decree of the Catholic Church.
Sister Tess posing with a beautiful little girl named Rose, who was living in the Payatas garbage dump.
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The Sisters of Mary are devoted to helping the poorest of the poor in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The religious order was founded by Aloysius Schwartz, the priest of the poor. The Sisters have been operating charitable programs for more than fifty years serving children with the greatest need who have the greatest potential.

It is not enough to give the poor food and clothing. They need education that gives them the skills to build a dignified existence for themselves.”

– Fr. Aloysius Schwartz, founder