Sr. Rosario

Sponsor Sr. Rosario

Boystown, Guadalajara, Mexico

Hello, I am Sister Rosario and I am the fruit of this great family of love since I am a graduate of Girlstown, Villa de las Niñas in Chalco, Mexico. Currently I am in Boystown, Villa de los Niños, Guadalajara, Mexico, where I care for eighth graders. I have been part of the Sisters of Mary for 21 years. I am always amazed by the joy of the Sisters in serving and that is why I have given my life to service and this mission. 

I love being with young people, in each of them I can realize how God’s love works wonders … I’m just his instrument. Each day for me reveals something new with the children in my care. My daily life with them is very close. I love serving them, guiding them to Jesus and giving them tools to form their lives and become better people. When they tell me about their past, I encourage them to love their parents, forgive everything, and not to make their same mistakes. 

I am very grateful to everyone who makes this work possible, and I ask God to multiply your efforts each day for everything you do for us and even more as you don’t know us. 

$39 Feeds one child for one month

$72 Educates one child for one month

$125 Fully sponsors one child for one month

If you prefer to give quarterly or annually, please click here and type the name of the Sister you are partnering with in the “Dedicated to” box:

$1,496 Fully sponsors one child for one year
$49,368 Fully sponsors one family of students for one year (avg. 33 students/family of students)

Sr. Rosario running with the boys

Sr. Rosario with family group outside

Your support provides

  • Education for students that leads to careers or college
  • Spiritual, physical, emotional, and social care
  • Protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  • A safe place to live and study
  • Three nutritious meals a day
  • Clothing and school materials
  • Clean water
  • Medical care
  • Dental care
  • Vocational training tailored to local industries
  • Spiritual formation and guidance
  • Opportunities to participate in sports, music, and art
  • Hope
  • Help to break the cycle of poverty

You will receive

  • Welcome package with information on the Mother-Sister you are sponsoring and her “family” group of students
  • Periodic updates from your Mother-Sister and information about the children under her loving care
  • Yearly reports from your Mother-Sister
  • Opportunities to send notes of encouragement, prayer requests, and photos to your sponsored Mother-Sister and her “family” group
  • Unparalleled opportunity to partner in serving the poor and changing lives
  • Mission and pilgrimage visits that can be arranged to select locations
  • *Please note: In accordance with our child protection policy all communications go through the WVC office in the U.S. (personal contact information will be redacted)

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The Sisters of Mary

The Sisters of Mary are devoted to helping the poorest of the poor in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The religious order was founded by Aloysius Schwartz, the priest of the poor. The Sisters have been operating charitable programs for more than fifty years serving children with the greatest need who have the greatest potential.