International Women’s Day

by | Mar 8, 2018

Sister Tess with some of the girls at school in the Philippines, Nov 2017

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the courage and dedication of the Sisters of Mary in supporting children living in poverty around the world.

Founded by Father Al in 1964, who committed himself to taking care of children living in poverty and using education to empower these children, the Sisters of Mary carry on this work.

There are 370 Sisters caring for more than 20,000 children each year in 14 schools around the world. The Sisters work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to care for children in need, to ensure they receive quality academic and vocational education, three meals a day, and all the comfort and support they deserve to overcome their difficult start in life and to thrive during their time at school.

The problem of childhood poverty persists, so the Sisters’ work continues. They often take great risks in reaching out to new children who need their help in the more remote and dangerous areas of the countries where they work, striving to provide support to those children living in desperation, and they face real physical dangers in carrying out their mission to help these children. They consider it both their duty and their blessing to support any child in need.

Children growing up in extreme poverty require special attention and the Sisters witness the tragic impact on human life and potential suffered by these children every day. They understand the deep impact poverty has on children, as well as the importance of access to education to improve the lives of the poorest children.

With the support of our donors, more than 150,000 children have graduated from the Sisters of Mary programmes into secure jobs and productive lives. But many, many more lives and communities have been touched by the work of the Sisters.

On behalf of the Sisters of Mary and everyone at World Villages for Children, thank you for supporting this work.

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