Guidelines for Volunteer Service

World Villages for Children uses criteria that are adapted from the Archdiocese of Boston that are used to categorize the offenses recorded on returned background checks.  Once classified the results are evaluated to determine whether an individual is appropriate for volunteer service. 

Permanent Disqualification 

Administering Sex
Armed Assault W/Intent To Murder or Rob, Victim 65+
Armed Assault With Intent To Murder or Rob
Assault and Battery Child With Injury
Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon, Victim 65+
Assault and Battery On Retarded Person
Assault By Dangerous Weapon, Victim 65+
Assault With Intent to Murder or Maim
Assault With Intent to Rape
Assault With Intent to Rape Child
Attempt to Murder
Contribute Delinquency Child
Distribute Controlled Substance, Minor
Entice Female, Sex, Intercourse
Exhibit Posing Child
Indecent Assault and Battery on a Child under 14
Indecent Assault and Battery, Retarded Person
Indecent Exposure
Induce Minor to Prostitution
Induce Prostitution
Induce Sex, Minor
Keeping House of Ill Fame
Kidnapping Minor By Relative
Kidnapping Minor By Relative, Endanger Safety
Open and Gross Lewdness
Possess Matter Harmful Minor
Possess Obscene “Pornographic” Material
Rape Aggravated
Rape, Statutory Sell Obscene Literature, Under 18
Unarmed Robbery, Victim 65+
Unnatural Acts With Child Under 16
Conspiracy to Commit Any of Above Offenses
Accessory Before Any Crime In These Categories
Attempt to Commit Any Crime In These Categories 

Presumptive Disqualification 

Accessory After Fact (Variable)
Accessory Before Fact
Administering Drugs
Aid Escape From Custody
Armed Carjacking
Armed Robbery
Assault and Battery
Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon
Assault and Battery Intimidation, Race/Color/Religion
Assault and Battery On A Public Servant
Assault By Dangerous Weapon
Assault, Dwelling With Felony Intent
Attempt to Burn Dwelling House
Attempt to Commit Crime (Variable)
Attempted Extortion
Bomb Scare
Breaking and Entering Day, Intent Commit Felony
Breaking and Entering Night, Building, Ship, M/V, Intend Commit Felony
Breaking and Entering Truck, Intend Commit Felony
Breaking and Entering, Intend Commit Felony, Fear
Bribery Of A Police Office
Burglary, Armed
Burglary, Unarmed
Burning Building
Burning Dwelling House
Burning M/V or Personal Property
Burning to Defraud Insurance Company
Carrying Dangerous Weapon, Committing Felony
Carrying Dangerous Weapon, Sub Offense
Carrying Loaded Rifle/Shotgun, Public Way
Civil Rights Violation, Bodily Injury
Compounding Felony
Deliver Articles to Inmates
Deliver Drugs To Prisoner
Deriving Support From Prostitute
Distributing Obscene Pictures
Drug Paraphernalia
Engaging In Sex, Prostitution, “John”
Enter Without Breaking, Building, Ship, M/V, Intend Felony, Fear
Enter Without Breaking, Night, Dwell, Intend Commit Felony
Escape By Prisoner
Escape Furlough
Escape or Attempt to Escape, or Failure to Return From Temporary Release or Furlough
False Information For Gun Permit
Forger, Alter Prescription
Fugitive From Justice
Home Invasion
Illegal Possess Class C Substance
Illegal Possess Class D Substance
Illegal Possess Class E Substance
Indecent Assault and Battery, Person 14 or Over
Intimidation of Witness
Involuntary Manslaughter
Larceny Person
Larceny, Bank Employee or Officer
Larceny, Controlled Substance, From Authorized Person
Larceny, Firearm
Larceny, Person 65+
Lewd and Lascivious Speech and Behavior
M/V Homicide, Negligent Operation
M/V Homicide, Reckless Operation
M/V Homicide, Under Influence Drugs, Negligent or Reckless
M/V Homicide, Under Influence Liquor
Malicious Explosion
Manufacture/Distribute Class A Substance
Manufacture/Distribute Class B Substance
Manufacture/Distribute Class C Substance
Manufacture/Distribute Class D Substance
Manufacture/Distribute/Dispense CL A Within 1000 ft. School
Manufacture/Distribute/Dispense CL B Within 1000 ft. School
MV Homicide, Under Influence Liquor, Negligent or Reckless
Non-Support Of Minor Child(ren)
Obscene Telephone Calls
Operate M/V Under Influence, Drugs, 3rd Offense
Operate M/V Under Influence, Liquor, 3rd Offense
Operate M/V Under Influence, Serious Injury
Possess Burglarious Tools
Possess CL A Sub With Intent to Distribute Within 1000 Ft. School
Possess CL B Sub With Intent to Distribute Within 1000 Ft. School
Possess CL B Sub With Intent to Distribute/Manufacture/Cultivate Within 1000 Ft. School
Possess Class A Substance
Possess Class A Substance, Intent to Distribute
Possess Class B Substance
Possess Class B Substance, Intent to Distribute
Possess Class B Substance, With Intent to Distribute/Manufacture
Possess Class C Substance, Intent to Distribute
Possess Class C Substance, Sub Offense
Possess Class D Sub With Intent to Distribute Within 1000 Ft. School
Possess Class D Substance, Intent to Distribute
Possess Class D Substance, Sub Offense
Possess Controlled Substance With Intent to Distribute, Subsequent Offense
Possess Counterfeit Substance With Intent Distribute
Possess Firearm Without License
Possess Firearm, Serial/ID Number Obliterated
Possess Firearm, Serial/ID Number Obliterated, Commission Felony
Possess Infernal Machine
Possess M/V Master Key
Possess Machine Gun Without License
Possess Shotgun, Barrel Under 18 “Sawed Off”
Procure Liquor For Minor
Receive/Buy Stolen M/V
See Firearm Without License
Sell Ammunition Without License
Sell/Deliver Alcoholic Beverages Person Under 21
Soliciting Prostitute
Throw Explosives
Trafficking in Cocaine
Trafficking In Cocaine Within 1000 Ft. School
Trafficking in Heroin
Trafficking In Heroin Within 1000 Ft. School
Trafficking in Marijuana
Trafficking In Marijuana Within 1000 Ft. School
Unarmed Assault, Intent to Rob
Unarmed Robbery
Unlawful Possession, Bomb
Unlawful Possession, Firearm, Commission Felony
Unlawfully Place Explosives
Unnatural Acts
Utter False Prescription
Vandalize Church/Synagogue/Cemetery
Vandalize School/Church/Educational Building
Violate Domestic Protective Order
Violate Stalking Law
Violate Support Order, Minor Child Out of Wedlock
Violation Of Protective Order
Conspiracy to Commit Any Of Above Offenses
Attempts to Commit Any Crime In These Categories
Accessory Before Any Crime In These Categories 

Discretionary Disqualification 

Adulteration Alcoholic Beverage
Attempt to Injure Depository of Valuables
Credit Card, Larceny Of
Cruelty to Animals
Gaming, Implements Found Present, Manager
Gaming, Implements Found Present, Owner
Larceny By Check
Larceny in Building, Ship, Vessel, Or Railroad Car
Larceny In Truck/Trailer
Larceny More
Larceny, M/V Or Trailer
Leave Scene After Personal Injury, M/V
Malicious Destruction, Personal/Real Property, Over $250
Non-Support of Minor Child Out of Wedlock
Operate M/V After License Revoked For Drunk Driving
Operate M/V Under Influence, Drugs
Operate M/V Under Influence, Liquor
Possess Altered FID Card
Receive Stolen Property, Over $250
Shoplifting, 3rd or Subsequent Offense
Taking M/V Without Authority, Steal Parts
Telecommunications Fraud
Unauthorized Use, Credit Card, Over $250
Utter Forged Instrument
Violate Support Order
Wanton Destruction, Person/Real Property
Willfully and Maliciously Burn MV
Willfully and Maliciously Kill Beast
Conspiracy To Commit Any Of Above Offenses
Attempts To Commit Any Crime In This Category
Accessory Before any Crime In This Category
Any violation of any criminal statute not identified in the RCAB CORI Evaluation Criteria 

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