Easter celebrations across all of our schools

by | Apr 18, 2017

Enjoy these pictures from our children celebrating Easter!

Easter is a very special day in the lives of our children. That’s because with the generosity of our donors, the Sisters keep our annual tradition alive. Giving every girl and boy a special Easter Basket of Love. And putting a smile of pure joy on their faces!

If only you could be here when the children receive their baskets! There is an explosion of joy, laughter and excitement. It’s a moment of pure, child-like joy and delight.

Pictured below are some of our children from the Philippines:

In each basket, our children find Easter eggs, lovingly dyed and hand-painted by the Sisters; a couple of chocolate bunnies; some art supplies such as crayons; some fruit; and a bottle of vitamin pills.

As always, the Sisters have attached a gift tag to every one of the Easter Baskets we purchased. If you look closely at the above photo, you will see the gift tags signed by our generous friends, attached to the Easter Baskets.

In this way, the children who receive these gifts know the name of our generous supporters, making their contribution more personal and meaningful.

The boys living in our village in Guadalajara, Mexico (pictured above) were very thankful for their Easter gifts.

And in Honduras, the smiles continued! So many children were able to experience a joyful Easter only with the generosity of our faithful donors. For the boys, this was an extra special occasion as this was the first-ever Easter celebration in our newly constructed Amarateca Boystown. These boys are new to the program and up until recently, had been living in poverty-stricken conditions. Can you see how happy and healthy these boys are, after just a few short months? It is truly a miracle!

Our girls from Brazil (pictured below) were ecstatic to receive their Easter presents!

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