To practice charity to the poor
serving them in the name of Christ Jesus.

Our Plan

To help children break free from a life of poverty.

To learn more about how we help our children, visit the Life at Our Villages page.

Our Priorities

World Villages for Children works through 18 different schools in 6 countries:
The Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, and Tanzania.

To learn more about where we serve, please visit this page.

Our Values

Humble and joyful service to the Lord and our neighbor
Solidarity with the poor
Respect for human dignity
Passion, perseverance, and adaptability

Our Inspiration

“This is the secret of constant joy: Unselfishness, which means love. You must be unselfish to practice charity.
You must go out to others and think of them.”
– Our Founder, Venerable Fr. Aloysius Schwartz

To learn more about our founder,  please click here.