Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to help marginalized children break free from a life of poverty.

  • We provide food, medical care, shelter, education, and vocational training to children of the poorest families.
  • We build community by empowering children to lift their families and communities out of poverty with them.
  • We invite you to live in solidarity with the world’s poor.

Our Recruitment

Our programs support the poorest of the poor and the selection of children for our Boystowns and Girstowns is based on two primary criteria:

  • the economic situation of the child’s family: only those families whose situation is truly dire are eligible.
  • the child has the educational prerequisites to flourish in our schools; for example, elementary schooling level is required to be able to take full advantage of the secondary education we offer.

Through the Bishops of the countries where they operate, the Sisters of Mary are alerted to the needs of specific families and regularly visit neighboring parishes to find more children. They travel extensively throughout each country to find children they feel will benefit the most from our assistance.

The Sisters meeting families in Brazil

Sisters Of Mary 2019