She is 13 years old and studies at our Girlstown in Brasilia, Brazil. In Ludermile’s hometown, rainfall would cause the river to flood, and she would have no way to get to school. At times she would swim, because she was so determined not to miss class. Her dream was to be able to study at the Sisters of Mary Girlstown.

She says, “I know that this is a place God reserved for me and the future of my family. When I grow up, I wish to be a lawyer in order to relieve my family, taking them out of poverty”.

Ludermile is pictured on the far right, with her classmates at Easter.

Inadequate infrastructure can be a significant barrier to education for many of our children. Flood-prone areas, mountainous regions, and even rural areas can cause children to have long or dangerous walks to school. If a child is suffering from malnutrition, this walk becomes even more impossible. Imagine having to set off for school, hungry, at 5 a.m., not to return until 7 p.m. By establishing boarding schools, the Sisters of Mary are removing both these obstacles.

A gift of only $5 will provide rice for a child for a day in Brasilia.

The Sisters of Mary in Brazil visit families in the community.