Bryan is 7 years old and is in third grade at our elementary school in São Paulo, Brazil.

Because her son has been a part of the Sisters of Mary programs, beginning in 2012 with Day Care, Fernanda has been able to work full time. Her dream is to buy a house of their own where her children can live with more security and comfort. She is happy knowing her son is building his future through education.

Many of our families face instability because they’re not able to obtain land tenure. Evictions affect families’ ability to obtain basic necessities, result in school absenteeism, and puts a burden on those who are already among the most vulnerable. By providing our children with safe and stable housing, the Sisters of Mary ensure they can focus on what matters most – obtaining an education, building social skills, spiritual growth, and enjoying childhood.

For only $50, you can provide bread for 400 children in São Bernardo for a month.

One of our families facing housing insecurity