Partner with a Sister to help support the children in her spiritual family.

Select a Sister to sponsor! Your relationship will remain with your selected Mother Sister wherever she goes to serve the Sisters of Mary.

Sponsor a Sister

Mother Sisters provide their spiritual children with unconditional motherly love and support. By sponsoring a Sister with a monthly donation, you show God’s love and mercy by empowering the poorest of the poor and allowing them to break free from the poverty cycle. Your sponsorship provides the Sister of Mary the means to ensure every child has what they need to thrive: a safe place to live, clean water, nutritious food, education, medical care, friendship, and above all, love, and prayer.

two ways to sponsor

Select a location to sponsor! Your sponsorship will always support a Mother Sister in your selected location. You will receive information on a Mother Sister serving in your selected location once you sign up.
Why do people prefer to sponsor a Sister?

Every day, 1 in every 6 children around the world starts another day in extreme poverty, without food, shelter, education, and hope. At the Sisters of Mary World Villages for Children, we are providing care and education for vulnerable children living in poverty. Under the loving care of their Mother Sisters, these children have the chance to escape poverty permanently and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

We give children an opportunity to thrive. Children who face neglect, malnutrition, and abuse from some of the most deprived communities in Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Tanzania, and the Philippines are welcomed into our Boystowns and Girlstowns schools. They receive full time care, a safe place to live, medical and dental care, spiritual formation, a quality accredited education, technical training, balanced nutrition, and unconditional motherly love from their Mother Sisters helping them into an independent adult life and a productive future.

The children live together, make friends, attend classes together, pray, and play together. They enjoy sports, music, and art, and share their lives with one another, forming friendship bonds that last a lifetime.

Why do people prefer to sponsor by location?

The Sisters of Mary uniquely act as spiritual mothers, each caring for between 30 to 50 children living in spiritual family groups within our schools. They work tirelessly to not only give children a safe roof over their heads, food, and education, but to also prepare them emotionally and spiritually for a successful future.

What is a spiritual family?
When we welcome the children into our care at the Sisters of Mary, the children join spiritual family groups led by a Mother Sister. The spiritual family group is usually a cohort of children in the same year group and at the same age. Each spiritual family is cared for by a Mother Sister who watches over the children’s day-to day practical and emotional needs. She is a source of comfort, stability and guidance for children who often come from difficult and complex backgrounds.
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The Sisters of Mary are devoted to helping the poorest of the poor in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The religious order was founded by Aloysius Schwartz, the priest of the poor. The Sisters have been operating charitable programs for more than fifty years serving children with the greatest need who have the greatest potential. In 6 countries there are 400 Sisters of Mary caring for over 21,000 children with the mission of helping them break free from a life of poverty. This is one day in the life of a Sister.