He is 12 years old and studies at our Boystown in Guatemala City.

His father works as a farmer, but does not earn enough to feed Mynor and his three brothers. All four boys experience malnutrition. Mynor suffers from a skin disease due to lack of access to clean water, sanitation, and nutrition. He says he wants to complete his education “to help my family”.

On average, children living in low-income families have poorer health. Guatemala is predominately rural and has the highest prevalence of chronically malnourished children in Latin America at 44%. Furthermore, the main causes of mortality in the country are largely preventable conditions, such as cholera and pneumonia. Malnourishment makes children weaker and more vulnerable to infectious diseases. The Sisters of Mary remove this obstacle to our children by providing both healthy meals and medical care.

A gift of $12 will provide medical expenses for a child for one year.

Both kitchens and meals are basic among our families