He is 12 years old and studies at Minglanilla Boystown in the Philippines.

John was abandoned by his parents when he was three years old. He lives with his grandmother and was able to finish elementary school with her help. She is unable to work because of her age and can not reliably afford food, fare for John to get to school, or school supplies. She told him he would not be able to continue studying in middle school. However, when John heard about Boystown from his cousin, he immediately grabbed the opportunity. His wants to become a mariner and be successful. “I was very happy to be chosen as a student for this school for I believe that I can fulfill my dreams”.

Abandonment in the Philippines is often caused by extreme poverty, though natural disasters and armed conflicts contribute to the problem as well. Families without access to social welfare or who are experiencing homelessness may be more likely to abandon a child because of a lack of resources. By helping to break the cycle of poverty through education, the Sisters of Mary are contributing to the prevention of child abandonment.

A gift of $100 can cover the monthly expenses for one boy in Minglanilla.

Students with a Sister at Boystown