He is 12 years old and studies at our Boystown in Adlas, Philippines.

Before coming to the Sisters of Mary, Antonio lived with his parents and 3 siblings. His father works as a rickshaw driver, but his income does not meet their daily needs. Antonio would often miss meals to let his younger siblings eat.

At Boystown, Antonio receives healthy, regular meals, as well as an education. He tells us he wants to study hard so that he can help his parents and allow his father to retire. “I dream high, so every time somebody will ask me what I want to be, I answer ‘I want to become a pilot someday”.

Many of our students experience hunger before coming to the Sisters of Mary. Malnutrition affects development, growth, and energy. Hunger impacts a child’s ability to concentrate in school. It makes them weaker and more susceptible to illness. The Sisters of Mary provide all our children with simple but nutritious meals so that they’re able to study and succeed.

Please consider supporting the health and nutrition of a student like Antonio.

Our students maintain a neat and clean dining area at Boystown.