World Villages in Tanzania

Expanding to reach more children in need.

Jun 28, 2018


World Villages for Children is expanding! The Sisters have been invited to Tanzania to bring their programs to one of the world’s poorest economies. Child malnutrition accounts for over a third of under-five deaths in Tanzania and substantial numbers of children are living in desperate conditions. Many children drop out of school and, without sufficient skills, have few options for work. So many young children are living at risk, malnourished, vulnerable and in need of our help.

During these first few months in Tanzania the Sisters of Mary are meeting with the representatives of the local diocese who have invited them to set up their Children’s Village and have offered them 62 acres of land to do so. The Sisters setting up the programs are Sister Acela, Sister Theresa, Sister Maureen and Sister Elena; they are busy each day organizing the project, meeting potential contractors and of course studying Swahili! The Sisters have also received a blessing from Pope Francis to begin their new mission in Tanzania.

While they are there, they are witnessing the dire situation faced by children. They see many children begging on the streets or selling whatever they have scavenged. Some of these children have spent time with the Sisters playing games and learning songs, and the Sisters feel humbled to meet these children and learn about the terrible challenges faced by each of them.

Once the construction work is complete and the new program is set up, the Sisters of Mary will be able to provide a place of safety and the chance of an education for these children so that they are not forced into a life of poverty . The Sisters of Mary programs have seen success across the world, and we hope to bring this success to Tanzania.

In Swahili ‘ Ahsante kwa msaada wako!’ (Thank you for your support).

Please pray for our success in this work and we look forward to keeping you up to date on progress!

Looking after a sick child.

Meeting potential students.