Visiting Day 2018

A day filled with love.

Aug 3, 2018


This year, 2,923 parents, siblings, and relatives came to spend the day at our Girlstown in Tegucigalpa. Visitors arrive as early as 4:00 in the morning because of the distance they need to travel to reach Girlstown! Families attend Holy Mass, the children prepare songs and dances, and everyone shares an evening meal together. The whole day is filled with joy and love!


Saddy is in 7th grade. Her parents and six siblings traveled six hours to visit her this year. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housekeeper. Saddy wants to become a doctor to help send her younger siblings to school.


Heydi is in 8th grade. Her mother is a single parent and traveled twelve hours with Heydi’s three siblings to reach Girlstown. Heydi wants to become an administrator and help support her family.