Every January, we welcome new students that will being classes for the first of 5 years of free quality education. In Honduras, on January 9, we welcomed 177 new girls at our Girlstown, in Tegucigalpa. Under the care and guidance of the Sisters of Mary, our children learn how the Girlstown functions, and what their schedule will look like.

The young girls who have just arrived come from all the different provinces of Honduras. They have travelled long and far for a better future, often carrying just a plastic bag with a few belongings to remind them of home.

Soon they will also enjoy three meals a day - and access to the basic necessities they may have never had in their young life. Most will need to learn how to use a flushing toilet, a shower, and how to brush their teeth properly.

School officially began on January 11 for these first year students, pictured in their white uniform below; on the second image they are wearing the jacket of their new track suit! Meanwhile our existing students who just finished their 3rd year of middle school started high school (pictured below, in their blue shirts).

The new teachers that were hired to begin this school year were also oriented on January 10.