Happy Birthday!

Our 2018 Birthday Celebrations

Aug 15, 2018


Today, more than 20,000 children worldwide celebrated their birthdays. With the support of our donors, every one of our children was able to receive a gift. These consist of practical items – clothes, hygiene items, or clothes – and one fun item, such as a piece of chocolate. All of the tags our donors have mailed in to us were attached to the gifts. The children treasure these tags and pray for their benefactors every day.

We thank our donors for their generosity in helping us to care for these children and we wish all our children a very, very happy birthday!

Michelle, studying at our Girlstown in Brasilia, remembers her favorite birthday memory: receiving a coat.

Kevin from Guadalajara enjoys most when alumni – or older brothers, as he calls them – come to share the day with them.

Graduates often return to their Villages to share the day with their younger “brothers and sisters”. The smiles, the beautifully wrapped gifts, and the love bring back their own memories of studying and remind them of the donors who make this day possible.