We have a lot to be grateful for at World Villages for Children! We are particularly happy to be working with these amazing four groups of people. 

The Staff

Our staff spends hours helping with homework, ensuring students have healthy meals, and maintaining the school. They commit fully to the growth of our children.

The Sisters

You've heard about these incredible women! They have dedicated their lives to serving the poor. They run our schools, provide the students with spiritual guidance, and act as Sister-Mothers both while the children are in school and after graduation. 

The Parents and Relatives

When a parent agrees to their child attending one of our schools, that's when things start to change. Parents miss their children while they're at Boystown or Girlstown, but they know education is their best hope for the future. 


Your support means everyone on this list gets to continue serving children in poverty around the world with love. Thank you for all you do. 

Do you want to do even more to support our students? 


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