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Notes from the field: Honduras

By Maryline O’Shea The morning of the inauguration started with the benediction of the new Boystown, by Monsignor Juan José Pineda, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa, in front of a large assembly of about 500 people – including distinguished guests and benefactors, teachers, the new 250 students who just started school last January, […]

Easter celebrations across all of our schools

Enjoy these pictures from our children celebrating Easter! Easter is a very special day in the lives of our children. That’s because with the generosity of our donors, the Sisters keep our annual tradition alive. Giving every girl and boy a special Easter Basket of Love. And putting a smile of pure joy on their […]

News From the Children, Issue 1

NEW BOYSTOWN IN HONDURAS Construction of the new Boystown in Amarateca, Honduras, is nearing completion after 16 months of hard work. The campus includes a 4-story building accommodating classrooms and living spaces, three workshop buildings dedicated to vocational training, a gymnasium, a soccer field and basketball courts, and track and field facilities. Between July and […]

First Boys Arrive in Our New Honduras School!

On January 31, 2017, we received with great joy our first 250 children who make up the first promotion of our Boystown — in Spanish Villa de los Niños — in Amarateca, Honduras. Our children have come from all over Honduras, holding nothing more than a plastic bag as luggage. During their orientation, the children […]

New students Arrive in Tegucigalpa

Every January, we welcome new students who will begin 5 years of free, quality education. In Honduras, on January 9, we welcomed 177 new girls at our Girlstown, in Tegucigalpa. Under the care and guidance of the Sisters of Mary, our children learn how the Girlstown functions, and what their schedule will look like. The […]

Visit of the Apostolic Nuncio to our Honduras Boystown

VISIT OF THE APOSTOLIC NUNCIO TO OUR HONDURAS BOYSTOWN The Apostolic Nuncio of Honduras, Monsignor Novatus Rugambua visited the “Villa de los Niños”. On January 15, 2017, the Apostolic Nuncio of Honduras, Monsignor Novatus Rugambua visited our Boytown, or Villa de los Niños in Spanish. The Sisters and graduates of the Villa de los Niños […]

Inauguration of Building IV in Guatemala

On December 12 was held a special inauguration event in Guatemala. The new Building IV is the latest addition to our existing campus for boys in Guatemala City, Zona 6. The campus already provides middle school and high school education to 850 boys – as well as vocational training essential for our students to secure […]

A Visit to Guadalajara and Chalco

Written by Maryline O’Shea Upon my arrival in Guadalajara around 8pm, I was greeted at the airport by two Sisters and our driver. We also met up with a film crew of 2 recruited a few months earlier to document this journey. The Boystown is located about an hour away, surrounded by trees in the […]

Celebrating Father Al

Copy coming soon. Link to article in Catholic Standard?

Update From Tegucigalpa

Our Girlstown in Tegucigalpa, Honduras is progressing nicely, thanks to our generous donors. There are currently over 700 girls living and learning here, and we pray we are able to take in more girls in the near future! In the meantime, please enjoy some photos of life in our village: Our school is equipped with […]

Every Child’s Birthday Celebration 2016

CELEBRATING EVERY CHILD’S BIRTHDAY With the help of our friends and donors, each year, on August 15, World VIllages for Children and the Sisters of Mary are able to host “Every Child’s Birthday” to thousands of children living in our Boystowns and Girlstowns across eight countries. It’s a day full of joy and hope, allowing […]

Achievements In Mexico

We are always happy to share good news about our students! In Mexico, we are so proud of our new graduate, Fatima Hernandez, who was her class valedictorian. Mr. Eduardo José A. De Vega, Honorable Ambassador of the Philippines to Mexico, attended the graduation and we were honored as he gave his congratulations to the […]

Past Blogs

International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the courage and dedication of the Sisters of Mary in supporting children living in poverty around the world. Founded by Father Al in 1964, who committed himself to taking care of children living in poverty and using education to empower these children, the Sisters of Mary carry on this […]

Christmas Joy in Our Villages

This Christmas season, we are thankful for all our students, graduates, and especially our supporters, without whom these celebrations would not be possible. In the words of one of our students, “Thank you for sincerely loving us, even if we don’t have any connection. We are not brother or sister. You are not my cousin, […]

5 Tiny Homes Around the World

The “tiny home” movement has attracted a lot of attention in North America. People are looking for a simpler way of life and realizing that they might be happy with less. But small homes are not new. Only in recent history have people begun living in large accommodations. In fact, millions of people around the […]

Distinguished Guests at our Girlstown in the Philippines

Our Girlstown in Silang, Cavite, Philippines recently had the great honor of hosting US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Y. Kim and Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez! One of the most noted aspects of the visit? Our students’ composure and poise. Throughout an article published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, attention […]

Finding Grace in Girlstown

Something was definitely missing when US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Y. Kim and Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez visited Girlstown in Silang, Cavite, in October. The visit was much anticipated and everything was in place — except for, well, the sense of giddy excitement common among listless teens, the scurrying […]

News From The Children, Issue 3

VISITING DAY – A SPECIAL REUNION Like all children who have experienced boarding school, our middle school and high school students long to reunite with their families after months of studies. And so, every year, our boys and girls look forward to their annual holidays, but also to the spring gathering during which families come […]

An update from our children in Mexico following the earthquake

  Much to our relief, the recent earthquakes that rattled Mexico did not cause any personal injury to any of our students, sisters and staff. But because our Girlstown in Chalco is located just outside Mexico City, our facilities there sustained some important material damages following the September 19 earthquake. Our other village in Guadalajara […]

Mass at St. Andrew Apostle will honor Father Al

On Sept. 16, people from all over the world will gather at St. Andrew Apostle Parish in Silver Spring for a 5 p.m. Mass celebrated by Cardinal Donald Wuerl. The Mass, hosted by World Villages for Children and the Sisters of Mary, will commemorate the 25th anniversary of Venerable Aloysius Schwartz’s death, the 60th anniversary […]

2017 Birthday Celebrations

  We are delighted to share a few photos from our children’s birthday celebrations held on 15th August at our villages around the world. Thank you so much for all your support in making our children’s birthdays so memorable and for your lovely messages on the day. Our children had a really wonderful birthday. With […]

Nivea 2017 “Young Business Talent” Competition in Mexico

  We think you will be very proud of our senior girls from our Girlstown in Chalco (Villa de los Niños) who took part in the Nivea 2017 “Young Business Talent” competition that aims to promote business talent and entrepreneurship amongst secondary school students in the region. The competition encourages senior school children to maximize […]

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