Won’t You Consider Becoming a “Guardian Angel” of the Children?

Because our projects are growing so rapidly, we face a constant struggle to pay our monthly bills. Our policy is to live day-to-day. As money comes in, we spend it on the most important needs of the children. For tomorrow, we trust in God’s caring providence.

Unfortunately, we never know for sure if we will have enough money to continue to feed, care for and educate all of our children. This is why I ask of you…

Won’t you please consider helping us by becoming a Guardian Angel and signing up to give an automatic monthly gift? Even a small monthly amount will allow us to help, in so many ways, the lives of so many children.

Being a Guardian Angel provides a convenient way for you to support our charity work by giving automatically through direct debit or by credit card. It has proven to be a truly cost-effective way for us to receive gifts while saving us money on mailings, stamps and administrative costs.

Won’t you please become a “Guardian Angel” of the children today?

Your gift will be automatically processed on/about the 15th of each month following receipt of your form. You can change or stop your monthly gifts any time, by calling us at 1-800-662-6316 or by emailing info@worldvillages.org.

To Join By Mail: Simply complete the mail-in authorization form by clicking HERE. Please print, sign, date, and mail the form to our business office at:

World Villages for Children
180 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 240
Annapolis, MD 21401