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Without your help, thousands of boys and girls would have no choice but to live the rest of their lives in extreme poverty. Instead, because you have chosen to help us provide them with safe shelter, clothing, medical assistance, healthy meals and, above all, a quality education, they are given the chance to find work and help their families upon graduating from our programs.

Read below the letters of recommendation that the Sisters received in the various places where they work. The bishops who signed these letters are very familiar with the work done by the Sisters and regularly visit our Children’s Villages. They appreciate tremendously the aid given to the poor, but also the generosity of our donors – for without you, none of this work would be possible.

We hope that these testimonies will show you how, thanks to your generosity and prayers, you are changing the lives of so many children who, before, lived in conditions of extreme poverty.

We are very grateful to be able to count on friends like you who give selflessly so that thousands of poor children can access a better future – for themselves and their communities.