For children living in poverty, education is often a luxury. Many children need to drop out to help provide for their families. But when you give to World Villages for Children, you provide an opportunity to break that cycle.

You can help children start on a path out of poverty. Your dollars help put food on the table, buy school supplies, and provide medical care. Meet some of the children our supporters have helped give hope to below and learn more about our Guardian Angel program here.

Meet Cecelia!

Girlstown Guatemala

“I have four brothers and three sisters. My dad works in the fields,  but what he earns, he doesn’t give to my mom, but he spends it on drinking. My dad said that women don’t study, that they can only serve to cook and give children. But I wanted to study, so I went to work in the fields to buy my notebooks.

I decided to come here because I wanted to continue studying and my dad couldn’t give me that possibility anymore. I want to study to achieve something in the future. I hope to be a light to my family and my community. After graduating from the Villa I am going to get a job to help my family for a while, and then I want to study at the university. I want to help my family and my community by sharing my knowledge.”

Meet Happyness

Girlstown Tanzania

Happyness is one of the first students at our Girlstown in Tanzania!  She grew up with her mother solely raising her, as her father died when she was very young. The two of them lived in an adobe hut, and would often struggle with not having food to make it through each day.

After meeting the Sisters and starting school, she has experienced great joy. Her aspirations are quickly becoming a reality as she studies subjects like math, English, chemistry and computing.

Happyness dreams of one day becoming Tanzania’s President!

Meet Dobrick

Boystown Philippines

Dobrick is a student at our Philippines Boystown. He is the fourth child of seven from a very poor family. His mother is a laundry woman, and his father a construction worker. Due to the accessibility of his work, often times his father would only be able to come home once a month. Before encountering the Sisters, Dobrick would need to help his mother wash costumers’ clothing in order to assist in his family’s financial responsibilities. He would even work carrying sandbags at construction sites to help provide.

Now, Dobrick can study knowing that his new education will allow him to provide a hopeful future for him and his family.

He wants to become a teacher when he grows up in order to help young children, like himself, have better opportunities.

Meet Heidy

Girlstown Guatemala

Heidy currently studies at our Girlstown Guatemala. She grew up primarily living with her Aunt in a house made of sugar cane reeds because her mother had to work, and her father abandoned them when she was only an infant. Life was very difficult. They didn’t have enough money for food, and would sometimes only eat a few tortillas a day. When she was finally able to go to school after much sacrifice, Heidy loved to learn, but unfortunately couldn’t afford everything she needed for school and was often outcast by her classmates for being poor.

Her life with the Sisters has been an immense blessing to her and her family. She is able to learn and receive the care a child needs without worry of financial burden.

Heidy hopes to continue her studies to become an attorney!