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The ripple effect of education

World Villages for Children has a close relationship with the local communities in each of the countries where it operates. Our programs focus on the objectives of reducing child poverty, improving health, educational attainment and progress into employment and our work facilitates grass roots change in poverty levels within the local communities.

The Philippines Recruitment

Case study examples from our graduates demonstrates the impact of your donation when the enhanced employment and earning prospects of our children results directly in their ability to care for their families. This results in the improved circumstances of their siblings and immediate family within the local community.  Our children will invest in healthcare and education access for many of their siblings and sometimes the children of those children. The humanitarian impact of your donation is thus multiplied many times over.

In 2019, more than 370 Sisters of Mary cared for more than 20,000 children in villages in six countries:

Country City 2019 Enrollment
S. Korea Busan
Seoul 276 boys & girls
The Philippines Biga 3,502 girls
Adlas 2,336 boys
Talisay 3,609 girls
Minglanilla 2,438 boys
Mexico Chalco 3,001 girls 105 toddlers
Guadalajara 1,890 boys
Guatemala Zona 13 859 girls
Zona 6 1,138 boys
Zona 21 115 toddlers
Brazil Sta Maria 749 girls 88 toddlers
Sao Bernardo 261 children 152 toddlers
Honduras Tegucigalpa 641 girls
Amarateca 572 girls
Tanzania Dar es Salaam 153 girls
TOTAL  20,888 boys & girls + 721 children & toddlers

In Guatemala, South Korea, and Brazil, the Sisters of Mary also operate medical clinics and hospitals where they care for sick people and children who are too poor to have access to urgently needed medical care.

Be sure to download and review our 2019 Accomplishments page.

A Graduate's Success Story

Our graduates are the result of our relentless dedication to the poorest of the poor, and our commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty. To date, about 150,000 graduates have received an education through the Sisters of Mary, and thanks to the support of our generous benefactors.