Language Training Labs: “Tremendous Success”

Sister Michaela, Director of World Villages for Children, has called our new Language Training Labs a “tremendous success.”

The children are being trained to speak high-level English so that they can get English speaking jobs in Philippine call centers.

The Language Training Labs are a “tremendous success” because jobs in English speaking call centers are highly desired since they pay better than teaching and nursing jobs in the Philippines.

Presently, Sister Michaela reports, 50 World Villages for Children graduates are now working in call centers in the Philippines.

The first English language training lab was set up in a three story computer training and vocational training workshop, constructed in 2007 at our Girlstown in Cavite. Right now additional language training labs in the Philippines are also operating for the children at our Boystowns in Cavite and Minglanilla, and our Girlstown in Talisay City.

Sister Michaela says that “if we can find good jobs for our boys and girls when they graduate, then we will help insure that they can always be self-sufficient, take care of themselves, and even help their parents and brothers and sisters.

“I am so grateful for our friends around the world who have provided us with the financial resources we had to have in order to set up these English language training labs.”

Please scroll down to see the English Language Training Labs in action.

These girls are learning English language skills
These girls are learning English language skills in this specially equipped speech lab, using ear phones, microphones, and many other training devices.

These girls are learning English language skills
Here they are learning to pronounce the English vowels, which are quite different from their native language.

These girls are learning English language skills
Because of their training, these boys in the speech lab will be able to hold down jobs in Philippine call centers when they graduate from high school. These jobs pay well and have a great deal of job security.

These girls are learning English language skills
The boys and girls who are receiving English language training are highly motivated and enthusiastic because they realize that they will have a future free of hunger and poverty, and will even be able to help their family, once they graduate and start receiving a steady salary.

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