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Guardian Angel
Will you become a Friend of the Children?

Please say “Yes!” because so many precious children, like the girl you see here, have already gone through more heartache and hunger than most of us experience in a lifetime.

But now, thanks to our wonderful and compassionate friends, thousands of children are safe and sound with me at our Children’s Village.

But so many more boys and girls are on our waiting list. They are suffering. And we urgently need more help.

How Can I Say “NO!”?

You see, I find it impossible to say “no” to a child who comes to us and is hungry and destitute, and has no chance for an education.

So we keep on building more and more homes for boys and girls. And we keep on saying, “Yes!” – and these youngsters become our absolute and total responsibility, as we provide them with a bed of their very own, and clean clothes, and school uniforms, and nourishing food, an education, and ... love.

Then, when a child finally graduates and leaves us to make a life of his or her own, we rejoice and cry with them, because we know we’re going to miss them; yet – there’s always another little child to take their place.

It seems like we never quite catch up with financial needs, and that’s why we so urgently need to find more Friends of the Children – wonderful and precious angels of mercy – so that we can be here for desperate kids in their hour of greatest need.

It’s so easy to become a Friend of the Children. Just click on the box below and begin to receive stories about our children and updates from the villages.

Happy Girls because of their Guardian Angels

Just look at them smile! And for good reason. School is out for the day, and they have clean clothes to wear, and nourishing food and know they will sleep safely in their own bed at night. And all because of friends like you!

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